Write-In FAQs

If I write-in Preston Love, will my ballot be counted as a provisional ballot?

The Nebraska Secretary of State and all of our County Election Commissions regularly handle and count write-in candidates. This is a normal process. Your ballot will be counted just like all the other ballots when you write-in Preston Love. It is NOT true that writing in Preston will slow down the ballot counting.

Do I need to fill in the oval on my ballot or can I just write-in Preston Love?

You MUST fill in the oval and then write-in Preston Love under the US Senate section on your ballot. You must do both in order for your vote for Preston Love to count. So, first fill in the oval and then write-in Preston Love.

Can I just write-in Love on the ballot or do I need to use his full name?

Yes, your vote will be counted if you only write-in Love. But, you also need to color in the oval next to the line under the U.S. Senate on your ballot. We checked with the Secretary of State’s office and they will accept votes for Preston Love if a voter only writes in Love (...and we all need more love right?).

How do I register to vote?

You can verify if you are registered at your current address here. Follow the instructions if you are not registered or registered at the wrong address.

How do I vote by mail or vote early in person?

The Nebraska Democratic Party has all the links you need at the Voter Center.

What are all the key dates to remember so I can vote?

Register to vote by Oct. 16 online or Oct. 23 in person at the local Election Commission office.

Submit your Vote-By-Mail application, so you can vote safely from home, by Oct. 23 (but please do this earlier so you get your ballot submitted on time).

Ballots start to get sent to voters on Sept. 28 if you submitted an application to vote from home. Your ballot must be received by Nov. 3, so mail your ballot back by Oct. 23 or drop it off at one of the secure drop boxes. In addition, Douglas and Sarpy counties have additional drop-box locations.

Vote on Election Day, Nov. 3, 2020 at your polling location from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT/ 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. MT.

If I sent in my ballot by mail or if I dropped it off at a drop-box location, how do I verify the Election Commission counted my ballot?

You can make sure your ballot was received by looking it up here.

If I was formerly incarcerated, can I still vote?

Read all about how your voting rights get restored and if you have further questions, the Nebraska Democratic Party can help you info@nebraskademocrats.org.

Why isn’t the party supporting Alisha Shelton? I thought she was the write-in?

Preston and the Nebraska Democratic Party support Alisha Shelton. We voted as a party for Alisha to be the Senate nominee on the ballot but that could have only happened if Chris Janicek removed his name from the ballot.

In Nebraska, we have a so-called “sore loser” law that prevents anyone from serving as a write-in candidate that lost in the primary. Because Alisha Shelton ran in the primary and lost, she was not able to be the endorsed write-in candidate. Alisha has a bright and long future with the party and she has a seat at the table.

What did Chris Janicek do to make the Democratic Party pull resources?

Chris sent an aggressive text message that asked fellow staff members to contribute funds in order for him to hire three men to perform inappropriate acts on a female staff member. Chris violated our Code of Conduct that all candidates must abide by in order to receive party resources. The party pulled all resources and support from Chris and no party leaders or elected officials support him. The party voted to endorse and support Preston Love.