Love the Issues

Creating wealth in communities of color and in rural areas.

For too long, communities of color and rural areas have been overlooked as hubs of creativity and building wealth. Our state has written off North and South Omaha and our rural towns as liabilities rather than hubs of possibilities. The solutions must come from the people who live there and must be both short and long-term investments that would positively impact the real disparities Nebraskans face and reduce a percentage of the senseless crime committed by those within the urban poverty cycle who look to crime as the only way to survive. The investments need to come from the private and public sector and yes the government. We do not need outside forces telling us how to fix our communities. Instead, we need the resources to build our own wealth.

Building clean energy with everyone at the table.

Our state’s main economic driver right now is Agriculture and we are on the cusp of adding a major economic engine in the development of clean energy that will help solve climate change. We must make sure that farmers, ranchers, union workers, Tribal Nations, environmentalists and our public power entities are all at the table in the planning and building of clean energy. The jobs must be good-paying union jobs. The location of clean energy must lift up communities and have their full input. As we seek climate justice, we must also make sure that land justice is achieved.

Tackling COVID and health care inequality.

Sen. Sasse has failed to accomplish the one task he said he was going to the U.S. Senate to tackle — making health care more accessible and affordable. The people have spoken on health care and Sasse is ignoring them. Sasse’s goal remains repealing the laws that make Nebraska’s Medicaid expansion possible. Our families do not have access to the physical and mental health care they need. We are tired of the endless promises to do better. African Americans are three times more likely to get the coronavirus and older Americans are more likely to pass away, and yet Sasse falls right in line with Trump pretending this pandemic will magically go away. We can make sure community health centers, veterans care, Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance all work together to ensure no one in our state and country is ever without the care they need.